The AGL Group has 50+ Years of combined experience of commercial, residential, infrastructure, agriculture, Information technology, and public sector businesses.

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Commitment to quality work is the essence at AGL. This is the reason why AGL has the access to the worlds most discerning customers. More of a habit than just procedures, the stringent quality specifications set by the company is what makes us stand apart.

With these principles, our company has been guided in the past years, and abiding by the same we intend to operate throughout all our work in the years ahead.

We have firm belief in first class workmanship and have living examples on that.


We at AGL, believe that the customer is the source and goal of everything. Customers, people and facts are the cornerstone of Agl's values. We believe that the essence of effective quality is to put ourselves in client's shoes, and then evaluate what is on offer. Our indigenous expertise and tie-ups enables us to offer cutting edge product solutions to suit the customer's needs. As a result, clients benefits from our quality, productivity, cost-milestones, skills, credibility and long-term business relation advantages in the same go. With innovation, ethical practices and out-of-box approach, we have achieved a significant business bag and an eminent clientele in a short span.


Our mission is to create long-term value for our clients through a passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined management process, which together drive a sustained competitive advantage in today's dynamic market situation. Our values are deeply rooted within the company and reflect our internally disciplined character. AGL is invested to being a well-managed, result-oriented organisation whose people have a passion for progress and a commitment to excellence. We constantly strive to be better partners with our customers and to be more connected, more forward-looking and more customer-focused.

Being a globally recognised company established world-wide with an excellence in organizational structure. Re-defining the standards of 'customer service' by exceeding customer expectations. Being admired for our business values and ethics. Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation. Being the "preferred choice" both for customers, suppliers and employees. Bringing inspiration and being a model for companies who are willing to reach their dream.


AGL implements a quality management system to enhance project outcome for its clients and to ensure that all processes are consistently applied - regardless of project size. The system is continually assessed and revised when alternative approaches for engineering, procurement and construction tasks prove to be more efficient. This commitment is substantiated through clients feedback and by cyclic audits from clients and renowned consultants.

With the end result in mind, AGL plans processes for different functions early on in the project lifecycle. Clients and/or consultants are provided with the outcome of the study, be it related to any design flaws, workability issues and compliance with legal or other regulatory requirements; or related to the approach AGL plans to devise for the execution to reduce potential mishaps and rework. This collaboration is maintained from tendering stage and continues throughout the project.

The corporate principle in achieving each project quality plan is to couple reliable advice, ability and expertise with competent work force to carry out the tasks within optimal standards.



More and more contractors are realising the advantages of using cut & bent steel rebars. It helps them to save on overhead labours, wastage and most importantly time. These savings are the key factors for a profitable construction project.

AGL helps in achieving this by producing and supplying cut and bent steel rebars to various types of projects. We produce it in accordance with BS, International standards and ACI.

AGL has a professional team of Engineers and Technicians who ensure the production of quality products as per client's bar lists and in compliance with BS4466 / BS8666 or ACI 318. Whenever requested by client, AGL can prepare bar bending schedules (BBS).

AGL uses only high quality steel from approved and well established mills. We can supply steel rebars to BS4449 (2005) and ASTMA615 specification. Mill certificates can be provided upon request.

Advantages of Cut & Bent (Industrial Process)

Higher efficiencies

Steel is produced and tagged to exact specification for faster and simpler onsite installation

Higher level of Quality Control

Reduced storage costs

Improved on site planning & logistics

Relief from onsite congestion

Faster placement of material on site

Better accountability and traceability of materials

Control on material Wastages

Reduction of on site labour and labour accidents